Reliable and correct information on residence permits, the Finnish service system and

immigration issues.

With the help of advice, councelling and guidance services of Lupanainen 
all your immigration-related matters  are taken care of correctly at once so that they do not cause  worries in the future.

You don’t have to cope with bureaucracy alone.

Let me deal all the red tape for you!

Individual and customized services for private customers and businesses,
all over the world on video connections or
anywhere in Finland in person.

Why Lupanainen?

Issues related to immigration are often complex and cross-administrative. They involve many different authorities, each of which only answers questions in its own field and only at a general level. According to the law, it is the responsibility of the authorities to provide sufficient information, but it is scattered and difficult to find.
Every immigrant is an individual and every immigration process is unique. One small variable or a tick in the wrong place on the form can cause big challenges in the permit process or in the Finnish service system.

Lupanainen has long experience and extensive expertise in foreigner permits, immigration and the Finnish service system.
20 years working in immigration, including 8 years in Finnish Refugee Council, 4 years in Ohjaamo Helsinki advisory service point and 6 years in Helsinki YMCA's multicultural youth work.
With professionalism, Lupanainen offers solutions and services for your or your company's needs.

Registration of a foreigner in the Population Information System, Right to the Finnish Social Security, Taxes, Banking, Electronic identification, Foreigners Identity Card

Residence permits, Travel documents, Citizenship applications, EU-registrations, additional information, documents, annexes and legalizations.

Housing, Insurances, Health care, Family services, Education, Language studies, everyday life in Finland, hobbies and leisure.

20 years

of work experience in immigration 

Lupanainen's expertise is based on


Consulting and advice servives

​​​​​​​Answers to all immigration and  residence permit questions from one number.

Handling the red tape for you. Comprehensive and sustainable solutions for your individual situation.
Spoken and written instructions on how to proceed.

Personal Guidance

Individual, personal  guidance and assistance with filling in applications and handeling registrations and forms. 
Help on finding the right services and with offices and everyday matters.
Via Teams abroad, in person in Finland.


Webinars and trainings on immigration issues for professionals according to individual wishes and needs.
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Let's find solutions to your challenges together!


Contact me by email or phone, tell me about your or your companys situation and needs
and I'll help you with all your challenges.

Advisory services



Answers to all your immigration- and Finnish society and service system related questions from one number. The service includes 20min consultation. The consultation can cover any matter related to immigration or the Finnish service system: how and where to apply for a residence permit, what my decision says, how I can appeal against the decision, where any matter is handled in Finland, whether I have been treated badly, etc.
The consultation is booked from Lupanainen's booking service, from which the customer can choose the most suitable time from the selection available. If you do not find a suitable one there, you can send us time suggestions via the contact form and we will try to arrange a suitable time. The service is payed in advance in Lupanainen's webstore or afterwards by invoice.
Service languages ​​Finnish, English and Swedish. It is possible to have an interpreter for an extra fee or to ask your own interpreter to join us in the  call / video conference.


The service includes one video meeting or phone session. In the meeting the customer's individual situation and the matter where help is needed are mapped and we'll find answers / solutions to customers individual situation or depending on the the matter, we'll take off the agenda or finish it.
The counseling package also includes any inquiries related to the handling of the matter (contacts with the authorities or other actors), as well as oral instructions and a written summary of the issues covered during the counseling and follow-up measures. If it takes more than two hours to handle a counseling case, additional hours will be charged at an hourly rate of € 60/30 min for each half hour started.

The counseling package also includes the opportunity to ask 5 follow-up questions via message or email.
Advice can be booked from the booking service or directly from Lupanainen by phone or e-mail. The package can be paid for in advance in Lupanainen's webstore or it will be invoiced afterwards.

Service available by phone or video (Teams / Google Meet).
Service languages ​​Finnish, English and Swedish. It is possible to have an interpreter for an extra fee or to ask your own interpreter to join us in the  call / video conference.



The service includes adcisory services and councelling on telephone or in a video meeting (Teams / Google Meet). In this remote counseling, the client receives answers to his/her questions, written instructions, follow-up measures and a summary of the issues covered during the counseling.
On the remote advice and guidance meetings we can fill in forms and applications, write requests for corrections or answer to Migration Services supplement requests, call the authorities together or book a doctor's appointment. Lupanainen can help you understand the authority's decision or find out which services you are entitled to. If you're unsure in what kinds of matters Lupanainen can help you, book first 20min consultation and on that Lupanainen can tell you if she's the right person helping in your situation or if she isn't, where you'll get help to your questions/challenges.
Service languages ​​Finnish, English and Swedish.
It is possible to have an interpreter for an extra fee or to ask your own interpreter to join us in the  call / video conference.


Guidance services

ONE TIME GUIDANCE PACKAGE 180€ + travel expenses

Do you have a problem with some authority?
Would you like to have some one supporting you with dealing some matter?
Would you like to bring someone who speaks Finnish and knows the laws to your meeting or an appointment to ensure that things run smoothly and that your rights are respected?

The one-time guidance package includes one teams meeting or call during which the matter you need help with, instructions and advice on how to handle the matter or make advance preparations, and one max. an hour-long guidance meeting.
The meeting can take place as a teams meeting or face-to-face and includes, for example, filling in an application form, writing a report or complaint, meeting with an authority, doing business at a bank or even support on the home screen.

The price also includes the required investigation and the possibility to send a max. 5 related questions by message / email.

The service is available in Finnish and English.
Travel allowances are added to meetings outside the Helsinki metropolitan area.



  • First residence permit or citizenship application package 500€ 
  • Extension or permanent residence permit 350€ 
  • EU registration or residence card for an EU citizen's family member 300€ 

The packages include support and guidance throughout the application process, investigation of compliance with the documents and conditions required by the application, and possible contacts with the authorities, with the right attachments to the application in Enter Finland, appointments and additional explanations, and, if necessary,

The guidance package also includes the ability to ask 5 follow-up questions via message or email at the end of the guidance service.
Service languages ​​Finnish, English and Swedish. An interpreter is available at an additional cost or the client's own interpreter can be brought in for a call / video conference.


Guidance services are provided via video connections (Teams / Google Meet) or in person (in Finland), in which case travel expenses are also charged for meetings.

The services do not include official fees (Migri's customer fees, translation / interpretation costs, consular fees, applying for a travel document, etc.). Additional services (eg legalization of a document, obtaining a travel document, etc.) are billed on an hourly basis according to a separate agreement.


The package includes support and guidance in handling the necessary official matters required after obtaining a residence permit (registration of an alien with the DVV, Social Security Court Kela, Vero, alien's identity card with the police, opening of a bank account). Investigation related to the fulfillment of the required documents and conditions, filling in the forms, appointments, transaction assistance by phone or on site.

The guidance service is provided via video connections (Teams / Google Meet) or in person (in Finland).
Service languages ​​Finnish, English and Swedish. An interpreter is available at an additional cost or the client's own interpreter can be brought in for a call / video conference.

Excludes official fees (application and transaction fees, translation / interpretation costs, consular services, etc.). Additional services (eg km compensation, legalizations, etc.) are billed according to a separate agreement.


The full-service package for those moving outside the EU includes the services of a residence permit package + relocation package + depending on the individual situation and the client's needs: driving license matters, insurance, housing, health care, family services, local services or leisure, pets, etc. from thematic areas).


The full-service package for EU citizens and their family members includes the services of the EU registration + establishment bureaucracy package and, depending on the individual situation and the customer's wishes, driving license matters, insurance, housing, healthcare, family services, local services or leisure, pets, etc. (including two free selectable control area from the above topics).

GUIDANCE WITH HOUR CHARGE 80 € / 30min  + travel expenses

Individual face-to-face guidance with hourly charging. The service can include an appointment to fill out forms, deal with an authority, visit a home screen, visit a bank or visit a kindergarten, whatever the client's need is, where outside help is needed. The service includes Lupanainen's presence and guidance. Will be invoiced retrospectively according to the agreement.

Will be billed retrospectively, € 150 / h, for each half hour that begins. When concluding the contract, a maximum price is agreed for invoicing. The customer receives an invoice for working time tracking, on the basis of which the invoicing is performed.


Are you bored of the elevertor music playing on the backgroung while you're waiting on phone trying to reach some aithority or service provider,  or do you need to confirm something, but getting information is slow and tricky. Lupanainen will deal all the red tape for you, save your time, energy and nerves.
Will be billed retrospectively, € 100 / h, after each starting half hour according to the contract made before hand (including maximimum hours/billing). With the invoice customer receives a time tracking form, in which the time used is specified.


Additional charge for face-to-face guidance outside the capital area, either 0.25 € / km (incl. VAT).


Guidance packages and initial surveys for other family members at the same time as applying for half price.


You can pay for the advisory services and guiding packages in advance in the Lupanainen webstore.



  • All prices include VAT. 24%.
  • Regulatory fees or other administrative expenses are not included in the price.
  • Interpreter services at an additional cost.
  • In personal guidance meetings, travel expenses are added to the prices.



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Trainings for professionals on migration themes and diversity, hiring foreign labour, finnish immigration requirements and relocation matters.

Everything about the Finnish immigration requirements, service system and relocation

Do you have questions about Finnish immigration requirements, service system or relocation matters? 
Do you need help with applications, registrations or dealing with the Finnish authorities?
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Are you a volunteer, a  home accommodation provider or just generally interested in immigration matterers?
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